Restored By Nature

Purity is a full-service day and med spa born out of a passion for health and wellness and a desire to help people live well.

We’re dedicated to creating pure, organic self-care experiences, with a homey atmosphere that welcomes every body into a space of true comfort. Our approach focuses on well-being of the body, mind, and soul, and we intentionally craft each experience to meet every person’s unique needs. We focus on the details that make a spa experience truly remarkable–from offering a warm welcome and a tasty beverage, to using only natural and organic products you can trust.

To us, a job well done leaves you feeling restored by nature and empowered to live well–body, mind, and soul.

Purity building in Oklahoma City

What is Purity?

It is a feeling, a lifestyle, a state of being. It is connection with nature. It is freedom and relaxation.

We believe in the purpose and power of nature to restore the body, mind, and soul. That’s why we use only natural and organic products free from toxins and harsh chemicals, so every body can live well.

Our Mission

We support the journey to holistic well-being through an experience-driven approach to self-care and a dedication to using natural and organic products.

Person receiving a facial massage with oils
Two women sitting on a couch together in robes

Our Vision

To be the destination for holistic self-care in the Oklahoma City metro, empowering people to live well–body, mind, and soul.

Lee & Emily Woodside

Purity Day Spa is proudly owned by Lee and Emily Woodside. With a passion for health and wellness, Lee and Emily have created their most memorable moments staying active, playing outdoors, and traveling with their 3 kids.

Emily Woodside - Owner of Purity Day Spa

Meet The Team

Brittany K headshot

Brittany K

Lead Licensed Esthetician

Elijah C headshot

Elijah C

Lead Licensed Massage Therapist

Hayley M headshot

Hayley M

Lead Guide

Twyla S headshot

Twyla S

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ashley N headshot

Ashley N

Licensed Massage Therapist

Tori L headshot

Tori L

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kimberly W headshot

Kimberly W

Licensed Massage Therapist

Dani M headshot

Dani M

Licensed Massage Therapist

Mario M headshot

Mario M

Licensed Massage Therapist

Evan N headshot

Evan N

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jade G headshot

Jade G

Licensed Esthetician

Kaitlynne C headshot

Kaitlynne C

Licensed Esthetician

Zoe W headshot

Zoe W

Licensed Esthetician

Sky K headshot

Sky K

Licensed Esthetician

Ivy S headshot

Ivy S

Experience Guide

Lexi A headshot

Lexi A

Experience Guide

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Purity is a full-service day spa born out of a passion for health and wellness and a desire to help people live well.